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Ours is a True Juice!

The Real Juice

In line with the ideals that distinguish all our products, we offer our customers a real juice with no preservatives, colorings or any kind of chemical.


Strictly Sugar Free

All the good of our apples grown with the Integrated Pest Management method directly turned into thirst-quenching juice!

We want to offer a genuine and healthy product, suitable for young and old and that’s why we decided to use stevia as a natural sweetener instead of sugar.

Healthy choice!

The properties and benefits of apple juice are many, and all wrapped in a tasty and refreshing drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Great for making only a breakfast or a tasty snack The Galassa juice without sugar or additives keeps the best of the properties of the fruit such as mineral salts, enzymes and vitamins of the raw fruit.

7 Good reasons to drink apple juice:

  • He fights asthma not only because it brings a mix of vitamins, but also because, by virtue of its cleansing action, frees the body of toxins, thus facilitating the work of the lungs.

  • Away stress, live better and live longer!

  • It protects the intestinal walls and thus is indicated in case of colitis

  • Helps you lose weight, stabilize blood sugar and blood cholesterol

  • Helps digestion

  • And ‘diuretic and intestinal regulator: it can be a valuable laxative for constipation

  • The polyphenols found in apples make it effective in fighting tumors of the colon, breast, prostate, mouth and esophagus cable