Our Fruit: The Apple

vendita mele rovigo

Biological Apple

Our apples come from an Organic agriculture, a farming method that is based on various techniques which respect the Environment. In the fight against pests and pests of plants predominantly we employ the same means that Nature provides us with. Also for the production of our apples we do not use any type of chemical fertilizer. Each stage of the production process is controlled and certified by authorized certification bodies.

Every time you choose to purchase a Galassa’s Apple, you can help  to the preservation of our planet!

Integrated Pest Management

The integrated pest management is a practice of integrated crop protection which provides for a drastic reduction in the use of pesticides by implementing various measures. Among the main ones:

• The use of pesticides little or not at all toxic to humans and to the useful insects;

• The fight against harmful insects by sexual confusion;

• selective Pesticides;

• Pesticides that can be easily denatured by the action biochemistry of the soil and from the air;

• Special care and elimination of infected plants.

• the fight against harmful insects through the autocidio techniques, such as the sterile insect technique (SIT);

• The prediction of the occurrence of the conditions useful for the development of the parasites, in order to be sprayed with specific pesticides only in case of actual danger of infection and not at fixed intervals for preventive purposes.

• The fight against harmful insects through the insertion of others who are their natural predators and are not harmful to crops (biological control);

• The use of more resistant crop varieties;

• The use of crop rotation;

Our Varieties


Immagine di una mela fuji

As the name suggests, this round and red apple with yellow streaks originally comes from Japan, but it is right in our area the climate and the conditions favorable to its development.

Its very crunchy consistency, compact, juicy and high sugar content makes it ideal for the preparation of cakes and desserts.

The Fuji apple has begun to spread in the world, winning widespread appreciation thanks to its shelf life. In fact, the Japanese apple, lasts a long time without needing to be cooled.


mela pink lady su sfondo bianco

This apple has a crunchy and juicy pulp that mentions a sour taste and fragrant. Its crunchy texture and its subtle aromas of wild strawberry, vanilla, and pink, giving it extraordinary taste qualities!

This variety is rich in Vitamin C ensures ¼ of the recommended daily intake, antioxidants that help keep the skin young and fresh, and finally it is also very rich in fiber to improve digestion by increasing the quality of the bacterial flora.


fotografia mela royal gala

The apples of the variety Royal Gala are small, usually red with a portion (about one quarter along the peel), a green vertical stripes or yellow-green. They are sweet, slightly grainy but smooth, the little strong taste and thinner skin than other varieties of apples and completely devoid of cuts.
The quality indexes indicate that the variety soda but soft pulp.


mela modì

The Modi apple is special and unique!
Ecological, young and contemporary, this apple is the first red apple with a touch of yellow, modern taste that combines in perfect harmony sweetness and acidity, crunchiness and juiciness. An apple to try!

Our Certifications


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