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The fertilizer is an operation that is of considerable importance in maximizing productivity of our crops. It is therefore considered to be an essential step if we want to exploit the potential of the land intended for the production of our crops.

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The farm Galassa in line with its ideals adopted and strongly committed to the Integrated Pest Management has decided to only use organic fertilizers.

One of the best organic fertilizers is by far the manure, a fertilizer formed by dry grass, straw and animal dung by fermenting and are decaying.

The manure must be aged for at least six months in the manure so that it can give the best properties on the ground: In our company we use the manure produced by our breeding.

Choosing A true Certified!

The choice to use only organic fertilizers totally natural origin, in preference to those chemicals allows us to obtain higher quality products.

Healthy, beautiful and good crops are our strong point!

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