Activities start with “The Educational Farm”

Monday, May 13, 2013, the farm Galassa days on the farm began.

The farm proposes to schools as a teaching farm certified by the Veneto Region, and brings his teachings on healthy eating, on the cultivation of apples and love for horses to all children and guest lecturers.

Children are greeted with a warm welcome by the talented Hello hostess Giovanna Gioli, which right now invites them to a banquet with breakfast Sana, the slogan learned by children is just a few cents juices, snacks just full of dyes, Yes milk True, Yes to juice True, Yes on bread and biscuits with homemade jam.

After a hearty snack, open education with the instructor Riding Eleonora Cheerful greeting a group, explaining in simple drawings Family of horses, their evolution, the physical structure, senses, feeding behavior, and gives useful advice to children on how approciarsi to these beautiful animals.

After class the kids can get close to the ponies and touch what they heard moments before, and finally take a ride in the saddle.

Meanwhile one another group headed by Giovanna and with the tireless helpers, Wioletta and Nunzia, in the Laboratory for caramelising apples and for the production of apple juice and jams where children experience and know the different types of apples , how to make juice and as dosing the ingredients to make homemade jam, literally putting the “hands-on” of sugar and apples.

Eventually the two groups met, having exchanged and having tried both laboratories, bring home a dossier on which then studying at school and their beautiful caramelized apple in a bag as evidence to the mother of a sweet Healthy homemade.